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Discuss with your son or daughter what should be done, if anything, about curfews. If they were away at school, they would be setting up their own hours. Perhaps, one reason they are living at home is because they still need help with this. But, include them in the conversation about how much sleep is needed and when. May 01,  · The suggestions below apply for short periods and in the likelihood that your young adult will live with you again after graduation or at some point. According to Pew Research Center, young adults.

Think of Adult Children as a Guests—Not as Children. If you feel compromised and taken advantage of by an older child, you need to realize this: the child is an adult now. He may not act it, but he is an adult. And he’s living under your roof. And he has to follow your laws. I want you to think of your adult children as guests. Not as children. Feb 12,  · As the cost of tuition continues to rise year-on-year, living at home is a relatively painless way to save between $40, and $50, dollars. Online Students Living at Home Online degrees offer a perennially popular option for many different types of students thanks to both the flexibility and affordability they provide. In addition to completing assignments, communicating with professors and .

Jul 11,  · When students leave home to go away to college, they learn not only what they are being taught in their classes, but they learn many life skills as well. College students living away from home learn to manage their time, balance priorities, budget their money, hone their life skills, maintain relationships, and conduct the logistical necessities of their lives. May 05,  · In , only 10% of Millennials who had completed at least a bachelor’s degree lived at home, compared with 7% of college-educated Gen Xers who lived at home in By contrast, 20% of young adults with no more than a high school diploma lived in their parents’ home in , up from 12% of Gen Xers in