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Feb 03,  · Metropolitan Education District is a regional provider of Career Technical Education and Adult Education. We are the largest career-oriented education organization in Santa Clara County for high school & adult students. Consider enrolling in our programs today! Adult Education prepares and empowers adult learners to achieve educational and career goals by providing lifelong learning opportunities. Adult learners will improve their technical or professional qualifications, further develop their abilities, and enrich their knowledge in order to complete their formal education. What we offer.

Feb 03,  · We are part of the Metropolitan Education District (MetroED) and offer adult education classes free of charge or at a low cost to adults 18 years or older. SVAE is a comprehensive adult school offering entry-level and advanced courses in health, technology, and careers in the trades. We also offer FREE English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic . Malcolm Knowles.

About this program. This credit, completely online Adult Basic Education Certificate is designed to prepare teachers, trainers, administrators, and counselors in the broad political, social, economic and theoretical aspects of improving adult basic skills in a global environment. Using a culturally responsive and representative curriculum, this certificate is intended to .