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As an adult, you can continue your education or improve on gaps or weak areas on your own. You can call it homeschooling or just refer to yourself as an autodidact or self-taught adult. There are an abundance of Special Education Homeschool Resources out there to help you. Continuing Education for Special Needs Adults Thousands of persons with special needs, their caregivers and their families participate in this program, where low instructor to student ratios are paramount. Because of the attention each individual receives, this .

Adult Basic Education, High School Equivalency classes; Want to register for a Career and Technical Education class, leading to certification and job placement? You may need to give a social security number or other documents to verify your identity. I am years old. This page says Adult Education is for ages 21+. What do I do? A special needs adult who lives here can learn to feel at home and at ease in such an environment, with there being plenty of activities for them to get involved with. They can also benefit from the latest devices which can allow them to become more independent, meaning that their quality of life could increase.

For additional information regarding the Allowance for Special Needs Program, you can call us at (Québec City) or 1 (toll-free elsewhere in Québec). You can also contact, as the case may be, the office responsible for integrating disabled students, the financial assistance office or the administration office of your educational institution. Because of generally high motivation and only moderate performance, middle class people appeared most receptive to adult education. A special challenge to adult educational outreach was seen in citizenship and other areas of low motivation and high social need. (An essay on contemporary adult education is included.) (ly).