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HD Videos. Our professional videos are HD at 60fps. They are streamed in H MP4, OGV and WebM formats. Professional videos are usually between 10 and 20 minutes long! Charles and Ko, the UK’s leading ethnic model agency, was formed in by it’s present owner Charles Nunoo, an award-winning agency for the largest growing prestige clientele in the United Kingdom. Our agency is unique, in the sense that we are the first multicultural agency with 4 different divisions – commercial, glamour, fashion and celebrity, each of which are at the highest standards.

#33 leah francis #1 hi leah, you're gorgeous. I have pleasured myself to your pictures many times, and I m never going to stop. You wear pantyhose and nylons and high heels like they were meant to be worn. Nude modelling shoots are more tasteful (artistic) than other more adult styles of modelling that focus solely on the sexuality of the model. Nude and Implied nude images tend to feature nude models but focus primarily on the lines and contoures of the body.

Connect with amateur, novice, semi professional and professional models who host their portfolio on MadcowModels - Micro-Blogging for the Adult Industry. Member Lists. Novices models. Amateur models. Semi-Pro models. Professional models. Features. Trending. Content Review. A-vs-B. Latest images. Forum. The 15 Hottest British Glamour Models. England has a reputation for being more reserved than the United States, more cultured, upper class and the like. Unless you’ve actually been there. From the rowdy behavior at soccer games to hard dri.