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The adult housefly is dull gray with dirty-yellowish areas on the abdomen and longitudinal lines on the thorax. Body size ranges from about 5 to 7 mm ( to inch), and the conspicuous compound eyes have approximately 4, facets. Adult: The house fly is 6 to 7 mm long, with the female usually larger than the male. The female can be distinguished from the male by the relatively wide space between the eyes (in males, the eyes almost touch). The head of the adult fly has reddish-eyes and sponging mouthparts.

A cluster fly is a bit larger than a house fly and has a black/silvery-black checkered body. Young, newly emerged cluster flies have short light-brown/yellowish hairs on their lower bodies. Sluggish movement. The cluster fly will fly around the home but at a less frantic pace than that of the house fly. Overlapped wings. When at rest, the. The adult houseflies have hairy bodies, one pair of wings, and are usually either grey or black in color. Their eyes are red, and females are generally a bit larger than males. Houseflies mate once, and the female then stores the sperm so she can use it later. She lays her eggs on rotting organic substances such as feces or food waste.

The adult housefly that emerges from the pupa lives from two weeks to a month in the wild, or longer in laboratory conditions. One can say that the fly once out of the pupa shell stops growing. The small flies you see are no different from the bigger ones. Houseflies are usually gray in color and are about 4 to 8 mm long. The upper body (pro thorax) is covered with four dark gray stripes. The whole body of a house fly is covered with hair like projections. Females are slightly larger than males and have more space between eyes.