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5. Play complex card games, such as Gin Rummy, Poker 6. Research all of the garage sales in the area and plot the quickest route to drive to each in a pattern 7. Think of all of the recipes . Aug 18,  · Open-Ended Speech Therapy Games For Mixed Groups. This DIY popsicle stick game is cheap to make and can be used with any mixed group. Write different numbers on .

I am so impressed with these games and activities. They are innovative and exciting and are easily adaptable to fit the different needs of my students. These games and activities have completely changed the way I do my teletherapy. My students are attentive, actively engaged and are enjoying their speech therapy . In short, barrier games are a speech and language game. How to Play Barrier Games Here's how barrier games work: A barrier is put between the two players so that neither player can .

speech, language and communication therapy information, activities and products for children and adults. Click here to visit the Adult Section. Speech Therapy Resources. icommunicate offers an unprecedented variety of speech therapy . Apr 13,  · Word games make great speech therapy exercises for adults. Although you aren’t producing speech, these games challenge your language processing skills. To work on your .