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The springerdoodle is considered a medium to large sized dog breed. Generally the size of the dog is dependant upon the size of the poodle used in breeding. You can expect an adult springerdoodle to weigh between pounds and stand 18 . A Spoodle is developed by crossing an English Cocker Spaniel and Toy Poodle. Spoodles have wonderful temperaments, which is what they were specifically bred for. They are a medium sized breed with semi long hair and long soft ears.

Aug 01,  · Sometimes referred to as the ‘social butterfly’ of dogs, a Spoodle has a wonderful temperament that makes them ideal family pets or a loyal companion. A cross between an English Cocker Spaniel and a Toy Poodle, a Spoodle is intelligent and non-shedding like a Poodle, but devoted and outgoing like a Cocker Spaniel. ADULT STANDARD POODLE —name here— HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Apricot and White Parti – Breeze and she was adopted by Mary Beth Schlagheck in Windsor, WI. ADULT STANDARD POODLE —name here— HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Black and Silver Tri-color is Marshall was adopted by Nikki Sund in Sparta, WI.