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Outpatient Therapy for Adults Our outpatient therapy can help with everything, from managing your emotions to managing severe and persistent mental illnesses. Located . Counseling services are available to all adults who may be experiencing a wide range of difficulties including: Most of us are not trained nor prepared to tackle the difficulties of life such as the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, rejection, or family problems. The caring staff of Perspectives Of Troy counsel.

Aug 19,  · Therapy for gifted adults is an emerging field; many with traditional mental health training have little knowledge of it. Intense and gifted people are endowed with great . Clinical psychologist providing therapy in English, French and Danish. In my clinic I welcome young adults, adults individually and couples. In therapy I take an integrative approach since .

Therapy with a psychodynamic and psychoanalytical approach for adults and adolescents in English, German and French. 52, Ave Félix Faure, Paris, metro Boucicaut (line 8). . Adult Therapy There are numerous reasons an adult would require speech language therapy such as an accident, disease, illness, articulation difficulties, dysarthria, dysfluency, and voice .