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Shop Adult eMart. Find more of what you love on eBay stores! Skip to main content. Stores eBay Stores > Adult eMart > All Categories; Save this seller Requires verification. $ Listed: Feb Adult only item - Requires verification. $ Type in what you are looking for, and if it is an adult item, you may have to verify you are over 18, but that is all you have to do. Unfortunately it doesn't always work that way. If you just search sometning if it's in any other category it won't ask if you are 18 and won't give .

About the Adult-Only category The Adult-Only category on eBay includes items of an adult nature. Items in the Adult-Only category are kept separate from the rest of the eBay experience so members can decide for themselves if they want to view these listings. Accessing the Adult-Only category. Be at least 18 years old. Provide eBay with a valid credit card in your name if you plan to buy adult-only items. Acknowledge that you're knowingly and voluntarily seeking to access listings in this category. 4 .

In an effort to step up buyer and seller security on eBay, we have added another method by which you can become a verified member. Important: You will not be permitted to sell internationally if you are not a verified member. There are now 2 options to get verified. Please select the method which is most convenient to you. Dec 22,  · The exact same thing is happening to us. Our main account has appx fb & we've been ebay since , but we just opened a brand new account just for truck accessories and ebay has classified 3 of the items 'Adult only item - requires verification'. This is so frustrating. We've called them 3 times in 48 hours- and they say they're working.