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This is entirely possible. I didn’t think it was until I saw it for myself. I had adopted two black kittens at seven-eight months. One, Niles, was the son of a feral mama, Nellie, who had been trapped at age six. He was from her last litter. Anoth. Mar 29,  · Pet the kitten's head and shoulders to familiarize the cat with you. Use your index and middle fingers to stroke the kitten's head and shoulders. If the kitten is comfortable with you, place it in your lap or hold it securely in your hands. If the kitten runs away from you, offer it Views: 27K.

Again, remember this can happen with ANY guinea pig pair, male/male or female/female. Adequate cage space While minimum cage size requirements for two guinea pigs is square feet (or a 2x3 grid cage), we recommend a square-foot cage (or a 2x4 grid cage). Jul 13,  · A: My rule of thumb is handling should be minimum during the first three days of life to allow the kitten to survive. After that, then handling the kitten on a daily basis is a good idea. Having.

Jun 08,  · When you first adopt a new kitten, you’ll need to bond with it to create a trusting relationship between the animal and yourself. Bonding with the kitten will initiate the type of companionship and close relationship that many people desire from their cats, and will help the kitten feel comfortable in its new surroundings%(2). May 16,  · Bonding with a kitten or younger cat depends on the animal’s personality and history. If it has had human contact, it’s likely to be relatively friendly and Author: Pamela Babcock.