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To erase the tracks of the bad websites and leftover temporary files, grab a copy of the free CCleaner - / and install it. Start it up, click on the Cleaner . Tools > Internet Options > Delete Browsing History > Delete Everything. If your using Firefox just go to Tools and click "Clear Private Data". If your not using Firefox I recommend getting it (you.

Click on the "Tools" menu and click internet options for Internet explorer web browsers. There are three delete options that you can click on to clear out all of the cached items, and we will walk through these. Step 3. This Site Might Help You. RE: Which adult sites are SAFE? Does anyone know which adult sites are actually clean and safe, no viruses and crap? This is a new £ laptop so I don't want to damage it. I've got AVG Free Edition but I highly doubt that can stop anything.

Computer security researchers has determined that Adult Filter is a browser extension that falls under the category of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). The so-called PUP is created to manipulate your web browser’s settings like newtab page, home page and search provider by default, to alter your homepage or search engine, so that the affected browser visits an annoying web-site .