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condom yahoo answer - What is Behind Yahoo bot msg?LOL

May 06,  · OK - condoms, when used correctly and combined with a spermicidal foam/jelly are nearly 99% effective. Yes, condoms can have increased protection against the transmission of herpes and genital. Apr 15,  · Should we continue having sex w/o a condom? I'm 18 & he's 25, the first time we had sex it wasn't with a condom and I didn't get pregnant. He seems to know what he's doing He probably doesn't like using a condom because he's really big.

Oct 31,  · My bf and I have had the condom start slipping off a lot. He's the only person I've been with but he's been with others before and not had this problem. He thinks it has something to do with the shape of my body but when looking online I can find absolutely nothing about that. Usually it says condoms slip because either they are too big or small for the guy, too much or . Sep 02,  · As long as the condom remained whole and it was put on before sex and kept on throughout sex, that is considered a safe activity. The barrier, remaining whole, eliminates the vector needed to transmit the virus. Other STDs like HPV, Syphillis, or parasites like crabs/scabies have a higher rate of transmission despite a condom.

Jan 20,  · the condom broke, right in the middle, my boyfriend said he hadn't 'gone' so he thinks it should be fine, we obviously stopped after we noticed. is there much chance i could have gotten pregnant??. please be mature and resist from silly answers. Jun 30,  · For the best answers, search on this site bizar.xyz Condom is never % safe, oral pills are but only after using them for atleast cycles. I suggest u use some spermicidal jellyfoam in the vagina with male using condom Advice- Dont start using pills if you can avoid it.