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1 Foot Fetish. It is also termed as podophilia and is quite a common fetish. However the degree of fetishism obviously varies. Like for instance some people, after fixing their gaze on a pretty foot, might want to serve it with some traditional massaging, others however may yearn for giving it a footjob which is more like a handjob only with the replacement of foot. I know girls have them. They just seem to never admit it, or open up about it. I've seen plenty of guys go out describe their fetish in vivid detail, yet in my entire experience reading this site, I've seen ONE girl admit to having a "Pee Fetish" and another having a "Shoe Fetish" (which is retarded, just an excuse to buy loads of shoes just like any other girl).

I agree with coolwaterboy that this is the best reply so far. I too thought I was the only foot freak until I found other people very much like me on the internet. I was already married at the time. My wife never appreciated my fetish and I wanted to explore it more with other women (through photography and massage, not sex). I just want to say, there is a difference between fat fetish and the inflation fetish. Fat fetishism is having the sexual desire of fat people. Inflation fetish is the sexual desire of seeing someone/being inflated, gradually having your body/body part growing. I am of the inflation fetish, I'm weird, I know.

Immediately after reaching orgasm, the man switches to his fetish, and continues to masturbate, without stopping, for a time that is unpleasant- I usually start the man with something like 10 or. World famous model (she wanted to remain anonymous) told YouQueen she can finally eat whatever she wants. “My boyfriend suddenly developed this crazy fetish. I couldn't be happier!” There's a new fetish in town – a lot of guys are going CRAZY over plus size ladies. The bigger, the better. And we're talking about YOUR size, not his.