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Dec 20,  · Fun With Dick and Jane is rated PG by the MPAA for brief language, some sexual humor and occasional humorous drug references Desperate times lead to desperate acts at the Harper house. The pressures of job-hunting result in fistfights and some mean spirited efforts to . Apr 10,  · Fun with Dick and Jane makes a basic point, summed up Dick's assessment of their situation: "We followed the rules, and we got screwed. We were good people, and we got screwed." As a result, they are rendered primal, desperate to "protect our land." Such reductiveness alludes to the primary school book recalled by the film's title.2/5.

Fun with Dick and Jane is a subpar comedy that tries to be clever but falls flat. After getting promoted to Vice President and setup as the fall guy for his company's imminent collapse, Dick Harper 28%(). Apr 10,  · It's a good movie for kids 12 and up. Their is one scene in the beginning which is sexually inappropriate, which should have been included in the review for this movie in the sexual part, and 2/5.

"Fun With Dick And Jane" is two movies, in a way. The first is a pleasant enough comedy with several inspired moments. The second is a truly wicked social satire that keeps trying to sneak through. If they'd made the second movie, they might have had some kind of masterpiece on their hands. Jan 01,  · Fun With Dick And Jane Plunged into poverty by a vast corporate swindle, self-satisfied suburbanites Dick (Carrey) and Jane (Leoni) Harper turn to armed robbery to reverse their downward spiral. By 3/5.