I have a matching bra and panty set I want you to wear - wearing a bra and breast cancer


wearing a bra and breast cancer - I have a matching bra and panty set I want you to wear

Sep 27,  · Fully 29% of the participants believed that wearing a tight bra could increase breast cancer risk. A more recent study in February, , of women in Brazil placed the risk of breast cancer from wearing an underwire bra at %! In this study, the younger you were, the more convinced that breast cancer could be caused by wearing a bra. Jan 24,  · Breast Cancer And Sleeping In Your Bra or Wearing A Bra for Too Long According to the myth, wearing your bra every night or for too long daily prevents your pores from being able to breathe. Sweat accumulates and toxins build up which are believed to cause breast cancer. The same applies for wearing a bra which is too tight.

Oct 15,  · The authors, Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, claimed that by preventing lymphatic drainage, bras confined toxins in the breast tissues, which initiated the development cancer. Some other research on this topic supports that wearing a bra for more than twelve hours a day dramatically escalates the risk of developing cancer. There are several persistent email and internet rumors about potential causes of breast cancer. One is that wearing a bra, or wearing an underwire bra, causes the disease. The idea that bras may cause cancer was fueled by the book called Dressed to Kill by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer.

Sep 11,  · Only one scientific study has looked at the link between wearing a bra and breast cancer. There was no real difference in risk between women who wore a bra and women who didn't wear a bra. Being overweight does increase breast cancer risk though, and women who are overweight are more likely to have larger breasts and wear a bra. In media stories and on Internet postings, it’s been widely rumored that wearing a bra, especially an underwire bra, can increase breast cancer risk. The concern is that bras block the drainage of lymph fluid from the bottom of the breast so it can’t get back into your body, so toxins build up in the breast. There is no evidence to support this claim, and a new study confirms that wearing a bra does not cause breast cancer .