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Weber-types of legitimate domination. STUDY. PLAY. ideal type • Conceptual construct-capture what is essential about a phenomenon • Serves as a first step in analysis • Decide why and how empirical reality deviates from these • Social analysts use the ideal type nothing perfectly conforms to it in the real world. Weber outline three major types of legitimate domination: traditional, charismatic, and legal or rational. These three forms do not constitute the totality of types of domination but they show how it is possible for some people to exercise power over others.

Dec 09,  · First, it introduces the ideal types of domination of Weber. Contrary to the received wisdom, which knows only “three ideal types” (traditional, charismatic and legal rational) I present the “fourth” type of domination, Weber called “ Wille der Beherrschten ” as an important correction of his ideal type of legal-rational by: Concentrated in these singular pages is a long and exacting reflection on domination, with Weber using the free heuristic power of the ideal typical approach to delimit and differentiate his economical analysis of the three pure types of legal, traditional and charismatic domination, in order to focus on the administrative, juridical and political dimensions of by: 1.

By Max Weber In The Types of Legitimate Domination, Weber claims there are three ideal-types of basis for legitimate authority: rational/legal, traditional, and charismatic.