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Wanshū (ワンシュー, also 腕秀 and 汪輯) is the name of several katas in many systems of karate, including Isshin-Ryu, Shotokan (under the name empi), Wadō-ryū, and others. The name Wanshū (腕秀) in Mandarin means "Excellent Wrist" and refers to a typical technique of this form. Wansu 'Kakushi tsuki' - hidden punch. Let us analyse the mysterious 'kakushi tsuki', or hidden punch, of Wansu kata. It is unique to Wansu; a part of the main sequence of this kata. In Matsubayashi-ryu, the punch is done by putting the fist behind your back (!!) and punching from this position, I kid you not.

Dumping form. Wansu was a Chinese traveller. Origin: Shorin-Ryu History: It combines moves from the first three kata. The karate-ka is taught to fight opponents forward, backward, and on both sides. More Info: Please click this link for more information about the history of this kata. It is believed that this kata was brought to Okinawa in by a Chinese envoy named Wanshu; but later, this kata was reformed and developed by Karate men of Tomari Village. The characteristic of this kata is the execution of hidden fist punches (kakushi-zuki). Passai and Passai, Half-Speed The composer of this kata is also unknown.

Wansu’s symbolic meaning is “karate is my secret.” This is shown in the very first move when you step to the right keeping your left hand open and the right hand closed in a fist right before the left does a low body block and the right hand does a reverse punch.