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Feb 11,  · 7 Investigation of Consumer Behaviors on Condom in China Market, Investigation Overview Investigation of Reason of Use Investigation of Purchasing Channels. We test more than 12, condoms to find which ones you can count on. Watch this exclusive video from Consumer Reports and learn more about everyday products.

It was the Planned Parenthood scented Honeydew condom, which is typically distributed free-of-charge or at low cost at your local clinic. In fact, of the 23 different latex condoms tested for strength by Consumer Reports, only two of the condoms received poor ratings. Both of those condoms are distributed by Planned Parenthood. Jan 14,  · In its article, Consumer Reports rates 23 kinds of latex condoms, discusses developments in pregnancy prevention, and presents the facts .

"TheyFit® condoms - perfect score of and the highest rating of 'excellent'" — Consumer Reports "Like trying on a bespoke Armani suit.. a marked increase in sensation and I could definitely feel more on my helmet." "Thank God to finally see my willy basking in his roomy suit – [I was] definitely bigger than usual." — Cambridge Tab. Nov 05,  · One lucky, lucky mystery shopper was tasked with purchasing 15, condoms so that Consumer Reports products testers could provide you with a list of the top seven condoms on the market. Before you read any further, be advised that in order to access the ratings for these top brands, you need to be a subscriber to Consumer Reports.